Day 25 (St. Louis, MO): The build day that wasn’t

You don’t know how delicious hot dogs taste after having a week of tacos

Mile 1196.74

For 1 reason or another, the build day was canceled. As a result, we switched our day off in Boise, Idaho for St. Louis’ build day. I don’t have that many pictures from today because I didn’t do much. I’ve been so sleep deprived that all I wanted to do after breakfast is nap. Most — if not all — of the team went to City Museum (an adult playground). I heard about how much fun everyone had but I can’t complain with the amount of rest I had. From 9:30am to 4:30pm, I napped. At 4:30pm I took a shower and then the rest of the team showed up for dinner.

Lovely presentation given by Bike & Build CUS16

Presenting may not be as tiring as biking across America but just as necessary. The only way to recover from the City Museum and presently to these lovely folks from Granite City is to have a cuddle puddle.

Example A to a crucial cuddle puddle

This trip creates so many moments to remember and so many life friendships. This trip is not perfect. This trip is not a fairytale. This trip is so freaking frustrating. This trip is so gratifying because it is so difficult. This is why I dyed my hair — you like my transition?

You can’t sit with us

Red and blue hair dye is the way to bike across America. Washington, MO you get to see our dyed hair first. Mom, I’ll shave it before I get home ❤.

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