Day 26 (Washington, MO): The River of Dreams

Missouri River: Locals would not recommend swimming in it

Mile 1277.74

Evie is one of the last people I haven’t ridden with. My goal at the beginning of the trip was to cycle with every teammate in 1 capacity or another. At day 26, that goal is very close. Jacob joined our group to tackle on Washington, MO.


Readers, I’d like to introduce you to my friend Ms. Katy Trail. The Katy Trail is America’s longest rail-to-trail. Unless you have a proper all terrain or mountain bike, I wouldn’t suggest riding on this across Missouri. One of the most difficult trails I’ve ridden my bike on. The plus side is that the trail has barely any elevation gain. There are so many pot holes and the whole path is not paved but purely dirt. See you later, Illinois. Hey! Hey! MISSOURI!

Bye, Illinois. Hell0, Missouri!

Unfortunately, Evie had physical pain and was vanned for the rest of the ride. I finished the route with Jacob. I thought the conversation with Jacob was pretty cool just because he has a very different perspective than I do. Getting to Washington with him was pretty cool. These small towns that are apart of Missouri are so cool. Washington is one of the nicer ones. It has a nice flair hosting a bar with darts and a patio overlooking the Missouri River. Everyday is hotter and hotter. I see you summer :D

Pray for peace. No more violence.

Cycling across America has made it very hard to be connected to news and world events. Violence is the last worldly news I would want to hear on this trip. Pray for the families and the deceased.

Back to Katy tomorrow.

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