Day 28 (Sedalia, MO): Katy, I hardly knew ye

The chickens in Missouri are YUUUUGGGEEE

Mile 1442.58

The last day on the Katy Trail! I rode with Jacob and Donald for a little bit and decided to tail off for my own adventure.

Mind over Q!

I don’t enjoy riding alone because I fear that my bike will malfunction and others will not be around. I also don’t enjoy riding alone as a route leader. I tend to do very poorly with directions. I decided to do both today and guess what?! I took a wrong turn. I ended up meeting with Liam and Lucas where we took another wrong turn. We had a fabulous lunch spot though and for that I’m grateful.

A thousand stories, a thousand years.

One of the coolest trees I’ve seen in my life. This is a Burr Oak tree that has around for a very long time.

The only part of the Katy Trail I liked was this 100 foot dark tunnel | I really like tunnels

We casually passed an alpaca farm along the way to Sedalia. It’s been really cool to cross paths with all these animals I’m not usually exposed to. Cycling through the tunnel was like going through a portal. There were water droplets along the cracks of the stone arch and the dirt was a platform to the shelter.

How many trains have passed through here?

I’ve had a total of 2 flats on this whole trip and both came on back to back days. I hit about 1300 miles for each tube before they blew. For about $7 a tube, I’d say I got my money’s worth. We ended riding for about 90 miles because of the detours. Tomorrow we have a century ride — 100 miles — into Kansas City, so this 90 miler is only a warm up!

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