Day 29 (Kansas City, MO): 100 miles into Kansas City and I want all the cold things

Red Sox do it better

Mile 1546.18

Come 1, c o m e all. Welcome to my 3rd sweep day within a week. Today, I sweep with E M M A. This is a our first ride and it happened to be a century.

If I could rearrange the letters of the alphabet, i would Q and T together because QuickTrip is freaking awesome

For today’s sweepstakes, Emma and I decided to have CUS do their best flex picture. We see that everyone is getting stronger and want our teammates to show off their definition!

Mile 99/10000000

There were so many photo opportunities! Emma wins the award for most photogenic person.

Look at this power pose

We arrived to host around 6pm and the shuttle to leave for the Royals vs Tigers game left at 6pm. JR was able to have tickets donated to our whole team and the only night we could do it was the night coming into Kansas City. I’ll take it. Everyone made it to the host A-OK and that was a pretty cool feeling for Emma and I. When your whole team struggles throughout a route, all you want is for them to push through as much as they can so they can feel just as accomplished as you at the end. Sometimes, that isn’t always the best idea but the best hope.

Take me out to the ball game…Red Sox still do it better

This is 1 of the coolest days of my life, not because of the ride but because of how proud I am of our team. Everyone is becoming so much stronger each day — mentally and physically. The next 2 days will be spent helping out Habitat Kansas City. :)

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