Unlock Character #Wimtern

Why I should be your intern?

There are 3 kinds of hopefuls you will evaluate if you are an employer for an undergraduate intern

>The Overachievers (5-in-1 students with a 1.0 GPA and sparkly teeth)

>The Promising Hopeful (has the qualifications, thinks they got it in a bag but couldn’t make the cut)

>The Unlock Character (the one that’s just there but never really discovered among all the applicants)

All of these hopefuls have the chance to become an intern some have better chances than most but the one I can identify with is the Unlock Character because I am filled with hidden potential yet I can’t showcase it due to my lack of experience. But there is one thing I want to do and that is to be the very best like no one ever was. -Pokemon (this is true.) I know that I can achieve great things if given the chance to create and explore new things.

By the way I am Christine Joy Valdez born in Quezon City on January 4, 1998, raised in Pangasinan, grew up in Dubai and currently studying in the University of Santo Tomas- College of Fine Arts and Design major in advertising arts. I am now living in Manila for 3 years and my main hobby is exploration. Three things I like are Modern Jukebox songs, timeless movies and natural conversations. I also read manga and listen to Kpop for inspiration. I’m a big fan of Queen, Sam Smith and Coldplay there are plenty more but these are a few of my all-time favorite musicians.

As a writer I am like an explorer. I write to create a journey for my own thoughts. If there is something I want to understand better I write it and travel the vast space of my mind and collect inspirations here and there to arrive in a proper conclusion or destination. I was not born a writer; I was raised to be one.

My parents worked overseas and one of the best gifts they had for me from there were Enid Blyton books that are simply magical to my 8 year old self. I simply loved them because they fueled my imagination and it has stories about fairies. I was also entitled book worm in kindergarten because of my obsession for picture books. The title still persists until today because every book store I find I go in and spend whole hours just browsing the titles. That is why Booksale stores and libraries are my kind of paradise. I think every book has something to tell and I can’t help but listen. These reasons are mainly why I want to become a great storyteller.

I write mainly for myself in my personal journal so I don’t have a lot of experience in writing news articles. But the range of topics I write about range from relatable rants to intellectual reviews on the latest happenings around me.

Although I love writing I also love design some might be wondering why didn’t I choose to be in the graphics team if I had the background for it? First, because writing is one of my assets and getting more experience in it will make me create more effectively in anything I want to achieve. Second, I know the mechanics of design and how to execute it but I also want to improve my skills in writing. I think I can experience all this if I can be an intern in When in Manila which can provide me with a lot of valuable lessons.

To top it off my experience living in Manila for almost 4 years is the biggest life-changer so far in the 19 years of my existence. It’s a great city to conquer despite of all the backlash it gets. I have come to love its diversity and its unpredictable attitude. One ride in a jeepney becomes an adventure when you’re in Manila.

#Wimtern Task 1: Introduce Yourself

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