Your CV Sucks

Yesterday I looked into my outdated CV to see if there’s anything I can adjust, or if I can somehow make it more attractive, more lively. I noticed that most of the content was boring stuff . Well, CVs are always boring, aren't they? Part of my job is to look at job seekers’ CVs, and I can hardly recall any remarkably fun resume.

There is, however, one section of the CV that isn’t really supposed to be boring: the interests/hobbies part. People usually put things like music, movies, sports, or traveling there. Me too. But as a recruiter, I regard this section quite importantly, because I think it can actually help reveal the personality of the person. What makes him different from the other applicant with the same qualifications, skills and experiences? Is it likely that I’m going to have a healthy working relationship with this person? Does she have the philosophy that I'm looking for in a key employee at my company?

The main purpose of a CV is to tell what you’re capable of, who you really are, and differentiate yourself from other candidates.

What have you done? — I worked at a bank and then a financial corporation.
What's your educational background? — I studied laws at the University of Economics.
Ok, now to the why? — Hmm, my parents wanted me to study laws.. Banks was a popular choice for fresh graduates during that time when I finished my study, plus the bank manager was a friend of the family.. And that financial corporation pays well, plus they hired me after I was unemployed for almost 2 months..
If you had another chance, would you go the same path? — I don't know. Probably not. I mean no. No, I’d definitely go a different part.

So I’m showing you these things which represent me, but were not actually my choice. They’re the truth, though, and I can't tell differently.

The interests/hobbies part, however, must be my own choice. I did it in the past, and I’ll keep doing it in the future whenever I have the chance. That's the real me. But hey! Everybody enjoys music. I can't think of anyone on the planet who doesn't love movies. And where the hell is the idiot who dislikes traveling? So why don't we make it more interesting? Here are what I would put:

  • I love watching stars, whether on a bridge, on top of a building, or on the beach. As a kid I used to climb up my house’s roof and spend the the whole night watching stars.
  • I like sound systems, especially headphones. I really enjoy listening to the details, the clarity of the song’s vocals and instruments. I’ve owned 8 different pairs of entry-level and mid-range headphones.
  • Science and technology drive me crazy. Every time I find a new technology or science discovery that might change people’s lives, I go insane and will often spend hours researching and thinking about it. Albert Einstein is my all-time hero, by the way.
  • I like many sports, but football is the undisputed number one. Argentina is my forever ending love, and I’m also a culé (a Barcelona FC’s supporter)
  • I’m obsessed with the mission, the responsibility to make my community, my society, my country, and the world a better place. I haven't yet really figured out how, but I'm working on it and still trying hard to get there.
  • I like to question the norms, the defaults, the things that nobody really asks. Why don't people drink sea water when thirsty? Why do religions exist? Why must everybody have a job? Why are there so few rockets ships being launched every year? If we put a tiger and a lion in a fight, which one will win? Can the whole world use the same single governing body?

Do you think this could make my new CV better? If yes, what would you put in yours?