Happier is Possible!

Yes It’s true. Keep reading to find out what trumps your genetics when it comes to happiness!

Did you know when asked “what do you want most in life?” Most people answer “to be happy”. Some answer “to be rich or famous” but that’s just because they think that will make them happy.

Happy people are more likely to:

have more friends,

get sick less,

enjoy their work,

have better performance evaluations,

sell more,

make more money,

and experience less burnout.

Happy people have

better relationships,

less loneliness,

more social activities and

are less jealous.

Happy people are more likely to be healthier, have less hospital visits, volunteer more and are more grateful.

Happy people feel better, do better and live longer.

Who wouldn’t want that?!

The big question is HOW do we become happier?

Science says 50% of our happiness is determined by our genetics. Only 10% is determined by our life conditions (thats the money, house, sneakers, body, diet soda and car that advertisers want us to THINK brings us happiness.)

40% of our happiness is determined by voluntary activities, like what we think, do and feel!

That 40%- those voluntary activities- are made up of what we PRACTICE every day.

Our job here at Happier By The Minute is to break down the science of happiness into bite size morsels so you know what and how to practice.

Because becoming HAPPIER IS POSSIBLE when you know what to do!

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