What Is Right With You?

Did you know: building on your strengths will improve your happiness!

you have strengths you don’t even know

I’m Stacey Yates Sellar & Welcome back to Happier By The Minute… where I deliver the research and the rigor, the tips and the tools of Happiness one minute at a time. Because when we know better… we do better.

Research shows that character strengths can be used to address life’s challenges and achieve positive outcomes with both personal and professional goals.

Dr Christopher Peterson (one of the co- founders of Positive Psychology with Marty Seligman) said “Positive Psychology is about helping people move “north of neutral” and enhancing the positive aspects of their lives”.

Knowing your character strengths will help you boost your self confidence, reduce stress, improve relationships, help you solve problems and be happier.

So Its TIME… for YOU find out what is right …with YOU!

Go to www.viacharacter.org and take the quick, free survey to find out your character strengths!

Those positive parts of your personality impact how you think, feel and behave and are the keys to you being your best self.

Post your strengths below or on our Facebook page so we can help you celebrate them. Log onto www.happierbytheminute.com for more ways to build on your strengths and increase your happiness.

See you in a minute.

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