Nice to meet your face. Now, like me.

I will hit on her.

I am hitting on her.

I have hit on her.

I hit on her.

Ok. She has been hit on.

On to the next one… wait. Hold up. It might be a good idea to assess the results of these efforts.

Yeah, I could manage to put some thought into this before doing the same thing twice and expecting different results.

Okay, so: What was the original goal of this endeavor and how did the end results line up?

Goal: Make her know that I’m interesting.

End results: She knows that I’m horny.

Hmm… Not quite what I was going for.


Well, how the heck did she possibly come to that conclusion, anyway?

I don’t get what gave it away. I did everything I could to hide it. I made sure that my interactions with her were strictly focused on making her like me.

I mean, I made it so easy for her: All she has to do is stand there and be pretty and let me say charming things. She doesn’t need to even DO anything in particular.

I’m not asking her to do anything that I normally like girls to do. I’m not asking her to do anything that I normally like people do to, either.

I’m not asking her to have any personality traits that I usually enjoy interacting with.

I’m not asking her to do anything valuable or be anyone who contributes to the world.

I’m not asking her to learn from the experience. I would never ask her to “do the work.”

Personal growth is out of the question, here, so… It should be easy for her to like me, right?

All she has to do is like me.

Well, I’m off to follow my dick around. Have a good rest of your night.

~Horny guy

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