Born in 1993, life had never been the same. Every year brought something new, different and difficult. A simple girl with mediocre looks, neither the topper nor the backbencher, most loved child in the family, traveller, adventurer, love taking risks.

23 years have passed, still trying to know who i am? What i want from life? With a lot of happy memories and difficult times, moving ahead to find myself. Born in a rich family, married in a middle class family with the best person i met in my life. I am not complaining about it but the differnce gave rise to alot of misunderstanding. So everyday i am trying to keep balance between the two families with support of my husband.


Writing was never my thing. I dont know why I’m here. But curiosity brought me here and a show named “Awkward”. Trying something new, would have made alot of mistakes but i feel i ll learn gradually. Thanks for reading. Have a lot to share. Your appreciation will mean alot.