It all started in 2015, ages ago… New Zealand might actually be the one experience which will stick with me forever. I am not religious but I believe in signs. By that I mean proofs that you are where you are supposed to be at a specific time. Let me explain; THIS is my New Zealand story!

If you’ve read my article about Finland you already know I am not much of a planner. What I feel right here right now is what will influence my next destination (in travels and in life). Well, back in 2015 I had created…

Youtube Video screenshot. Pictures in St Petersburg

What’s your biggest pride?

My travel pride is from far my biggest pride! I don’t have children. I am not a career oriented person as I believe the places where I have been living are what made me happy. Living abroad is like traveling on a daily basis for me as there is so much to discover. The job is important too (obviously), but a “simple” job in a social, customer facing environment is something that get me excited! Add some creativity and autonomy to it and I am living the dream!

My pride doesn’t come from the activities I…

“Why did you come to Finland?”

To that question I would answer « Oh, I came here by accident ».

Tampere, Finland. Pic’ by Happiness Explorer

We all have reasons to be travelling, to choose a certain destination and to do the things we do while traveling. Well, I believe in following the « light ». I am not a planner, I like to wake up, put my finger in the air and see where the wind is going. I mean I usually book my flight tickets a few days before the departure date. But you know what I mean, right? Or maybe you don’t, maybe you are a planner. …

Happiness Explorer

Solo traveler. « Alone doesn’t mean lonely! » Here, I will tell you about my travels, my travel thoughts, my creations and my HAPPINESS EXPLORATION !

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