Dispatches from Trumpland Part 2 — Mike Pence, the Silent Killer
Mike Cernovich

Mike, this is perfectly written and exacty what I have been talking about and thinking for about a year. It is very furstrating because we are finding out that the “Right” isn’t interested in a grassroots movment to support President Trump, as much as they are interested in ad buying, Consulting and selling emails lists. the Power of Social Media is Greek to most of them. Voter Engagement is unknown to the the Super Pacers. I know this for a fact 1000 x over.

The problem is when the GOP Super Pac crowds merge with the MAGA movement and redirects that energy in the wrong direction.

Making money is fine and all- but why can we not figure out a way to make money AND save the Republic?

It is going to take a super strong, smart and seasoned man to fix this up for President Trump, who seems oddly unaware of what is unfolding.

And just wait a few days for the new Bill Mitchell Super Pac.. inbox for that story..

I always wanted to be someone’s “source” :)

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