Life Efficiency Tip #1

Making A Bed

It’s the chore no one really wants to do but everyone loves the end result. Who doesn’t want to fall back into a giant pile of pillows and take a refreshing nap while basking in the sun.

Okay, okay, in reality its a giant jumble of blankets and pillows and is that a pizza crust?

How can we solve this problem without creating more work? Enter the Duvet… yes, a Duvet :a soft quilt filled with down, feathers, or a synthetic fiber, used instead of an upper sheet and blankets.

Wait, you mean their is one thing instead of like a million I can use on my bed?


In the morning there is only one, yes, one blanket to pull up! There is no re-tucking or finagling, headstands or somersaults to get the best looking bed. Just pull it up, plop your pillows and done!

I bet if you really wanted to you could make your bed while still in it.

Bonus points it also makes less laundry, just wash your bottom sheet and duvet cover and done. The duvet cover protects your comforter so you can go longer between washing’s!

Life time saved, your welcome.