The True Cost of Storing Things

Manyy people want to save things for some day, mostly with the intent of saving money. But let’s sit for a minute and think about how much you are actually saving.

  1. Storage Costs- This may be mental or physical cost, are you having to rent a storage unit to store your extra stuff? Is the thought of hanging on to stuff and the weight of being in a cluttered environment weighing on you?
  2. Clean up- Your time, how much of it is spent reorganizing and finding new ways to store your saved item?
  3. Moving- When you move homes are you having to spend extra on a larger moving truck/services because of your someday items?
  4. Searching- How much of your time is spent looking for the items? The average American spends 1 year of their life looking for lost items.

An example of this would be buying a couch on sale for a $1000, you need it for your house your going to buy, but you can not store it at your current place. So you rent a storage unit for $100 a month… 10 months down the line, was it still a good deal? How about the additional cost of moving it?

What value do you place on your time? Is a year of your life worth those extra pennies of saving?

If an item can be replaced for less than $5, $10, $15 dollars, is it worth saving for a someday moment?

My time is more precious than $15.

What is sucking up your time and money that you are saving for some day?

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