Doing code reviews correctly is hard. In this short article, I will guide you through the goals of code reviews and talk about the incremental levels of implementing code review at your organisation.

The non-goals of code reviews

I will start with what code reviews are not.

Code reviews are not design reviews. If you…

C++20 brought us initial support for coroutines. In this article, we will go over several examples of coroutines that build upon each other. Word of warning, though, the support in C++20 is mainly targeted at library implementors. …

One of the well deserved common complaints about C++ is the low quality of compiler errors. Both GCC and Clang made a lot of progress to improve the situation in the past 10 years, but templated code is one area where they can’t really help.

A function that doesn't like an int.

The difficulty with templated code…

Don’t throw out your main asset.

The decision to rewrite a project from scratch is exceptionally high-stakes and making the wrong choice can end your career and/or company. Yet, our monkey brains love to lean on our cognitive biases and make the wrong choice exceedingly easy.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why…

Compilers and build systems are slowly starting to support C++20 modules. Perfect time for you to read this guide and benefit from the massive compilation speedups. This article reflects the state as of September 2021.

Hello World

First, a bit of a reminder of how headers work in C++. When you write…

Do you want a zero friction way to manage your dotfiles across multiple machines that relies only on git? Well, read on!

Setting up

First, we define a new alias that will allow us to manage the dotfiles from anywhere in our directory tree. …

In this short write-up, we will go over how to use Golang with the Bazel build system. In particular, we will go over three scenarios: Starting a Golang project from scratch, converting an existing Golang project to Bazel and pulling in an external Golang project into your Bazel build system.

Starting Golang project from scratch

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I'm an ex-Software Engineer and ex-Researcher focusing on providing free educational content.

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