I think you missed the point of the term “cheerleader.”
Barry Davret

Actually I got confused with the use of cheerleaders . I thought cheerleaders purpose to boost spirits of only team players . But it’s a way to get attention or create a crowd at once . But my point is brand should communicate its positive features and you are saying use a celebrity for your brand as cheerleaders to appeal mass. It’s not necessarily required like in Nike or rebook or mac Donald their are so many brands out there. They don’t use any face for interface . But they must have slogan like in case of mac Donald – i m loving it – It’s work . Your point is also correct for mass appeal we need a celebrity or cheerleaders as using the word.

Brand image is based on it’s attributes, benefits , overall evaluation (attitude) . But we need interface to communicate these features so we can use any medium for that. As you suggested Appeal to mass by using cheerleaders as metaphors. By the way I read your article in detail and I like that.