The New Fast Growing YouTube Trend

Gameplays, Pranks.. And Now Whiteboard Book Animations

Few months ago, as a Youtube junkie, I started to notice a new trend on. They were a bunch of Youtube channels posting videos and growing fast, and they were merely dedicated to pranking people. Channels including: LAHWF, Vitaly, BIGDawsTV and ruben, the guy who pranks people in Vegas and says has a unique “WHYYYY”.

They were very enjoyable to watch, but what was quite bizarre, was the fact that all those pranksters were from USA. Basically because people in USA have the best reactions and also because of the good quality those pranksters provided.

Some pranks were coming out as fake later, as viewers spotted some acting in them. Some got viral and were hitting millions of views. And each prankster had his own uniqueness.

As I realized later, the secret of their success wasn’t in their pranks, but in their choice of audience. Their audience were basically people who longed to approach strangers and wanted to have the guts to prank pedestrians whenever they wanted to. And by doing so (watching those videos) people would fill this gap. I’m proud to say that I’m a fan of those pranks myself, because they simply satisfy me.

Nowadays, I see the same pattern happening, but is 360 degrees different. Everyone says he can do it but he can’t actually. This new thing is called “Animated Book reviews”. Basically all you have to do is read a book and make a video of it, where you state at least 3 ideas you liked from the book. That’s it!

But as we all know, the devil resides in the details. Making this kind of videos is a pain in the ass and requires having many skills, including:

  • Being able to actually read the book (because if you don’t people will immediately realize that, just like they realized fake pranks from true ones).
  • Have some storytelling skills, because if you don’t, people might leave your video after only watching the very few first seconds. You need to captivate them through the whole video and be able to leave the viewer at the end with a feeling that he had learned something new.
  • Have some editing skills. I didn’t know this was a big deal until I started editing my few first videos. If you check my channel, you will notice that some struggling happened in my very first ones.
  • You gotta be willing to read and make at least one animated book a week.
  • Making whiteboard animation using a software isn’t actually easy. You gotta spend at least 100 hours developing the skill.
  • And finally, you gotta produce a high quality video as well as audio. If you fail at one, it’s like you failed at both.

That being said, I predict that this new era of Youtubers will grow fast. Basically because: it’s something different, it’s fun to watch and it’s very valuable.

I’ve seen some channels who have done the same thing 2 or 3 years ago and got millions of views in the process (and they were making those videos using the traditional whiteboard animation). And what I noticed is after having posted 1 or 2 videos and getting like 5 million views, those channels would stop. But in the other hand, some stuck with doing just that and got a lot of subscribers and youtube views, including RSA, AsapSCIENCE (using the traditional whiteboard also).

Nowadays with tools like VideoScribe and others, it’s easy for any person to make these kind of videos. And today there’s even a section on fiverr called Whiteboard Animation for people who are willing to make catchy whiteboard animations for businesses in return for a decent sum of money.