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Have you ever noticed, that some of your unpleasant results are illogical? I mean, from the logical point of view you did everything as prescribed by those who succeeded, you followed all the best growth hacks, rules, cases, proven instructions, scenarios, frameworks, but for some reason, you get either opposite results or the results that are far from what you expected.

Why does it happen to you?

That’s because the logic is hidden deep below in your subconsciousness. You don’t know it, don’t understand, but it’s super logical. It influences your life, your company, your growth, your team — everything. Let’s try to dive into it and understand how to fix it.

Our life as a process consists of 2 parts:

1. Constants/Patterns.

2. Variables.

Constants/Patterns are always the same — this is what is stored in our subconsciousness.

Variables get changed: faces, events, obstacles, reasons, places, opportunities, etc.

Here’s an example.

Imagine an advanced futuristic robot, who believes he is not a robot. This robot thinks he is free to choose. He doesn’t know he is programmed to do certain things and make only the choices allowed by the program. The program always leads him to the same results = constants/patterns by following the built-in set of methods = behavior.

The variables make a robot think, that he acts of his own free will. But in fact, he is under full control of the program = “caretaker with a whip” that produces unpleasant emotions (fear, doubt, pain, etc.) every time the robot decides to choose a wrong direction.

Imagine that a programmer made a few mistakes. They force the robot to harm himself. The robot knows that it will hurt him, as one part of his program tells this to him. But he can’t stop injuring himself because another stronger part of the program forces him to do this. Without a developer, the robot can’t fix these bugs and get rid of unpleasant results. He will keep hurting himself forever.

Our inherited subconsciousness is our own program, stored in our DNA and cloned into trillions of cells of our body. Our program was developed by habits of our ancestors, by their beliefs in true and false interpretations of their experience. A few examples of the false interpretations that generate unpleasant emotions (fear, doubt, pain, etc.) on our way to pleasant results:

- to be rich = dangerous

- to be rich = must give away everything to those who need the money more than me

- to have money = to be dependant on the source: employers/parents/husband/wife/customers

- the bigger is my business = the more problems and stress

- no women/men/employees/bosses/partners/investors/clients/money = no cry

- follow your heart/passion = poverty

- responsibility = hard, scary, pressure

- children/marriage = end of your professional life

- start my own business = finish my marriage

- stability, safety = regular job or to be behind somebody

- people = enemies

- business = risk = instability = insecurity

- having/loving = losing what you have/love

- mistake = pain, lose everything

- pursuing your dream = losing your health

- disease, illness = I get more love and care

- satisfy my needs first = scary, shame

- I want = I postpone, wait, procrastinate

- I want = I can’t

- I want = I quit, I interrupt my dream, my goal, my health, my life

- to live = to be a victim

And a billion of other unique “genetic bugs” = false interpretations.

Found something similar in your life? Please send me an email to and share your findings. I’ll be happy to discuss this.

How are these wrong beliefs = unique “genetic bugs” born?

Here’s another example.

Imagine a caveman, who always lived in Africa. He loved adventures, and during a summer he approached Europe. He found a lot of food and water there. One day suddenly winter arrived and froze him to death. While slowly dying he shares his conclusions with the family that the weather has changed because he angered the gods by overeating and leaving his parents. For him and his family, this explanation seemed 100% logical as these were the only 2 things that had changed in his life.

One of his sons miraculously survived and passed to his children the belief that overeating and leaving your parents causes death. The descendants with such inherited “genetic bug” will feel terrible fear to leave their parents and will look like skeletons due to malnutrition.

After a few generations, a new descendant will be born. But his dream would be to become a world-famous snowboarder = he has to leave his family and move to another country. So consciously he will want to leave his family, but subconsciously he will feel 5 times more powerful fear that will block all his efforts and even his body. It can also cause disease. For his subconsciousness, one of the solutions could be to break his legs. It will make him stay at home with his family and forget about snowboarding forever.

Here’s another more modern example.

Imagine a person who wants to become a millionaire. He works hard 24/7 but has an inherited subconscious law “to be rich = dangerous.”

What’s going to happen, how do you think?

You are right. His subconsciousness will do everything to stop him = save his life. Our subconsciousness automatically saves our life. This is what it’s made for. When danger appears there is no time to think consciously — subconsciousness acts immediately to get rid of the danger. It remembers the source of danger and avoids it to be more efficient in saving our life. In case of our example, danger = wealth.

How can subconsciousness stop its owner from becoming rich?

1. It can give him shitty business ideas.

2. It can attract a partner, who inherited a subconscious law to steal and betray.

3. It can cause disease.

Subconsciousness is unstoppable. It follows the inherited program “How to survive” 24/7. If a disease is the least pain — it will destroy your body to save the life.

For our person, who wants to become a millionaire, he will feel horrible fear whenever he hears a million-dollar idea. The more significant are chances to become a millionaire, the stronger will be fear. This is his personal built-in filter that generates fear whenever there is a chance to become a millionaire.

Every time there is a chance to meet a perfect co-founder, something will happen to prevent him from this meeting. In one of my previous emails, I mentioned that our subconsciousness transmits radio waves at a speed of light, hence in real time is connected to the subconsciousness of the whole world. All taxis can become busy immediately. A plane can get delayed for a day or a week n important presentation can get lost. Subconsciousness is unstoppable. It saves your life 24/7 based on the unique built-in program.

But what if this program has a bug = inherited false causality, how to fix it?

There is no way a robot can fix his bug by himself because he doesn’t have consciousness = his own built-in programmer. But unlike robots, we do have consciousness.

At a certain stage of our biological evolution, we got this priceless gift — consciousness. Now it’s still not that big — just ⅙-th of our mindset, but unlike any other biological being our consciousness is big enough to be able to fix our “genetic mistakes.” It’s possible by rethinking/reanalyzing = reprograming false interpretations produced by our ancestors and engraved into our DNA. In other words, we consciously fix causality from false to true, and as a result, we change our subconsciousness.

How to fix our inherited false causality?

1. We need to see, realize our specific automated patterns. Until we don’t recognize our patterns, we don’t use our priceless gift — consciousness. Hence we act like a robot, who thinks he is not a robot.

2. Once we realized our patterns, we know what to fix.

3. Once we know what to fix, we need to analyze and find the source of our inherited false casualty. But the problem is that it’s impossible to see false misinterpretations when their visible part seems true to you and for 3–4 generations before you. This is where the Teutsch IDEAL Method comes out. It’s designed to see the unseen, to unearth your inherited mental patterns and false casualty.

4. After we discover the real reason, the false reason vanishes. You consciously realize that it has no sense. As a result, the subconscious block disappears and stops generating obstacles on your way to your pleasant dream. The opposition was 5 times stronger than your conscious dreams, but now it goes:

- “bad” people decide to leave your company,

- an aggressive competitor chooses to leave your niche and focus on another niche that seems more profitable for them,

- a disease loses sense to block your health and vanishes,

- your customers suddenly decide to create a fan club that doubles your sales,

- suddenly you win in a competition that you even didn’t know existed,

- a genius idea hits your head and 10x your company in a few months,

- etc.

Now you know the underneath logic, hidden in your subconsciousness. And you know, how to hack it. If you have any questions, need help, or want to book a private 1-on-1 Skype consultation with me, feel free to send me an email to

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