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Inspiring and smiling day to you

My name is Aladdin Shchaslyvyi. The surname is translated from Ukrainian as “Happy”. So I’m officially Happy Aladdin :). I’m a serial entrepreneur from 1999 and located now in Kiev, Ukraine.

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What’s the point?

Everything started when I was super hungry for growth for my SaaS startup. While developers were developing, I started to collect from all over the Internet interesting growth hacking frameworks, concepts, tactics and save them in the short form to a document. Usually it took me from 3 hours to couple of days to find one short growth hack valuable enough, that I would love to test it by myself. In about three months my document was 46 pages long.

Maybe you decide I’m crazy, but once I started to share these hacks with such people, hungry for growth, as me. A big part of me was against this decision, but my angel on the shoulder had won. So I created an invite-only mailing list, where I was sharing one growth hacking idea a day with all subscribers.

After 3 weeks from launch there were 1700 subscribers and retention rate >96%. In a week the service was featured on Product Hunt.

Product Hunt

If you visit Product Hunt -> “Growth Hacking” search results, you’ll see the service is a #1 in the list — “GrowthHackingIdea.com” — One growth hacking idea a day delivered to your email.


After that viral growth gained >3K new subscribers. People recommend the service and they recommend to others. Right now there are 10 generations of referrals.

A story about Steve :)

Once I found a new tasty growth hacking idea about super targeted ads on LinkedIn. And the idea hit my head. To try to reach you, Steve, in such an unexpected way — via targeted Ads to your colleagues and ask them to pass on this message. At least it’s going to be fun :). So all you are reading is how I implemented it in real. I have no clue will it work or not. Maybe you never read this. So this is a hypothesis and this is how I test it.

LinkedIn Growth Hack

Super targeted ads

First, I created two variations of ads.


Second, I set the targeting:

  1. Country: United States
  2. Company: TechCrunch
  3. Audience Expansion: Disable (it is enabled by default)

But I got an error:


In fact it did not let me go further until I reached >1000 Linkedin Members as a target audience

To reach this goal I defined all tech media I know in all locations to all journalists. And got 1,003 LinkedIn Members. Let’s move further.

And now I need to delete my initial ads (“Work in TechCrunch?”). Only one left:


As my goal is to be noticed, I set up “cost per 1,000 impressions” and minimal budgets. The idea is to reach out Steve and surprise you for less then $10. Otherwise it will not be so much fun as expected :).


Steve, if you read this, I’m surprised :). I’ve created an invite link to the service (GrowthHackingIdea.com) for the TechCrunch readers (in case you like the story): http://bit.ly/1LaMXCN. Hope you’ve got some fun :).

P.S. And, if you want, you can also contact me via email: admin@growthhackingidea.com

A lot of happiness, brightness, kindness, beauty, smiles, inspiration and successes to you every second of your perfect life!
Aladdin Happy (Shchaslyvyi)
Founder of GrowthHackingIdea


Steve answered I’m shocked :).

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