How I reduced email unsubscribe rate by 19% (one small trick)

How I reduced email unsubscribe rate by 19%

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How everything started

The beginning of this story started from an email from one of my subscribers:

I was not thinking about it before, but as you can see, people just can click your “Unsubscribe” link accidentally.

One small trick

And I decided to test it by adding “another step in their”. Here is what people see after clicking “unsubscribe” in their email — a button which asks to confirm unsubscribing.


After a couple of weeks I checked results by Mixpanel.

As you can see, conversion from clicking “unsubscribe” to “confirm unsubscribe” is 80.6%, which means 19,4% did not really want to unsubscribe.

And this is the average unsubscribe rate of the service:

It was pretty low and now it is even lower thanks to this trick, advised by the subscriber.


One small advice about optimizing unsubscribe rate. Please, do not try to hide your unsubscribe link. Otherwise people will simply mark your emails as “spam”. And by the end of the day all your emails to subscribers will end up in spam box. I’m sure you don’t want that.

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