All Hail Insecurity
elan gale

:) I indeed find that their insecurity often connects to perfectionism. Are they doing the best job they can or is human possible? The perfectionist will think that it’s not, and be insecure about her/his efforts.

When this perfectionist is also very brainy (they score high on need-for-cognition) and knows a lot about what other experts on the topic have done, it will only make her/his effort less perfect, hence making the perfectionist even more insecure.

Totally agree that the badly (or not at all) informed and confident people almost never have problems with that. They probably* are also low on need-for-cognition. They don’t overthink things, even more so, sometimes they don’t seem to think at all. Life is easy for them ;)

One of my best friends often says: “It’s funny to hear you talk about these things. In a way it’s really interesting what you say. But I really never think about that stuff…”

I am wondering what type is running the world right now…

*not sure I researched this well enough