This post continues our series on App Home design and best practices for UX in Slack apps.

The previous post, examining user engagement, can be found here.

Note: this article discusses admins & management within your app after it is installed. If you’d like to learn more about managing apps at a workspace level, such as who can request an app, Slack has wonderful docs for you.

As your Slack app grows in complexity and becomes more powerful, you will likely run into situations where federated access becomes important to your users and their teams. You shouldn’t assume every member of team has the same privileges, for obvious reasons. …

This post continues our series on App Home design and best practices for UX in Slack apps.

The first post, focused on navigation, can be found here.

Having awesome features in your Slack app is a great start, but unfortunately it takes more than useful tools to retain users. This post will explore some tried and true methods to improve user experience and increase engagement. These ideas are simple to implement and great candidates for quick experiments within your app or with Block Kit Builder.


Don’t leave users stranded the first time they open the app — without the proper introduction there’s a good chance they may never return. Onboarding is often the only opportunity to show…

This is the first post in a new series that will walk through App Home design and best practices for Slack apps, step by step.

When designing a Slack app, you should strive to deliver an intuitive user experience. Slack’s App Home makes it easier than ever to create high-quality user interfaces by borrowing familiar elements from the web.

For a good experience, users need to be able to navigate smoothly throughout your app. If they can’t get to the important feature you just added without getting frustrated, it wasn’t worth building. Let’s take a look at some of the common patterns for navigation and how to apply them to Slack. These design elements reveal only a single area of content at a time, simplifying…

There are numerous tools to schedule messages in Slack. In this post we’ll review some of the leading options.

As teams become ever more distributed, the need to operate asynchronously continues to grow. Slack goes a long way toward solving inherent communication challenges for distributed teams. The ability to schedule messages in Slack takes things to the next level. Humans invented computers to do math (and other things) faster than the smartest brain. If your company’s offices span multiple timezones, this may be news to you, since you probably do the same timezone calculations many times a day. We’re happy to report that this is no longer necessary, you can now schedule messages in Slack without doing any math.


Streamly app home
Streamly app home

Integrating the tools that power your team’s productivity is critical for success and scalability.

If your company is already using Slack and Smartsheet, configuring an integration to connect Slack to Smartsheet will save time, simplify repetitive workflows, and let your team focus on what matters.

There are several ways to connect Slack to Smartsheet. Selecting the right option depends on how your team is using Smartsheet today and what your goals are going forward.

Smartsheet Slack app

Technological innovation drives the evolution of products, which in turn contributes to the disruption and development of industries. This relentless march of progress continuously redefines the world in which we work, from employee roles and responsibilities to market offerings and unit costs.

Product evolution is the crux of the equation: without a product, innovation lacks a vehicle for distribution, and without the disruptive influence of innovation vectorized in the form of products, industries continue on the path of least resistance.

Consider the impact of AWS. Way back in 2004, the Boston Red Sox won the World Series, every fan received a dress and a pair of jeans, and AWS unveiled their first (simple) service, SQS. Today, they have 212 services that run the gamut from satellite communications to data warehouses. This represented a new reality for startups.

If you wanted to get a SaaS startup off the ground less than a decade ago, you may have been asking:

  • Is my garage going to…


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