HappyCity is Spreading!

by: Mika Yagi Kim

It’s been less than one year since we celebrated the 1st official Day of Happiness in Los Angeles and we’ve now set the goal to spread the happiness to multiple cities across the nation by March 20, 2016. We’re committed to initiating the dialogue with the city’s local governance to ensure that cities are committed to consider people’s happiness and well-being for public policy.

HappyCities co-create a culture of happiness and well-being through its dedicated city hosts. Each designated HappyCity have in common to celebrate the U.N. proclaimed International Day of Happiness on March 20 and makes the commitment to use the GNH Index to measure its current state of happiness and well-being.

Day of Happiness (March 20)

  • City Proclamation — by working with the Mayor, we co-author Proclamations that declare the City’s commitment to consider people’s happiness and well-being for public policy
  • Live Work Play [HAPPY] Celebration — the date is celebrated worldwide with our friends at the U.N. and features not-to-miss speakers
  • Thunderclap — our preferred social media partner to announce our message to thousands of people at once
  • Vine Video Campaign — a method used to prioritize the city’s goals to become a HappyCity utilizing the ten (10) domains of happiness

Happiness & Well-Being Index

  • Assessment — a year long effort to collect data to measure the city’s happiness and well-being index used as a resource

For anyone interested in become a HappyCity host, be sure to complete your application today!