Paint [HAPPY] with us!

by: Lucy Tseng

Photo Credit: Brigidann Cooper, HappyCity Board Treasurer

On Tuesday, September 1st, HappyCity hosted our first Paint [HAPPY] event at Casey’s Irish Pub in Downtown LA. In partnership with Paint Nite, we hosted this event with the themes of Social Support and Education, Culture & Arts in mind. More than 35 guests enjoyed the two-hour session with artist Jaime Varda, who emphasized the importance of individualism and self-expression when touching a brush to a canvas. Each artist left the event with their own, unique canvas artwork to put on their wall at home or gift to a friend or family member.

Local B-Corp Company, Dogeared, invited more than 15 employees to attend this event as an effort to promote happiness and community within the company culture.

Having interacted with Dogeared folks a handful of times, I knew an event like this would be perfect for them. It made me so happy to know that every company puts their employees’ happiness and well-being as a priority, like Dogeared does.

The HappyCity team was so impressed with the event that Paint [HAPPY] will be deemed a flagship event for the organization.

This event also served as a fundraising opportunity as Paint Nite agreed to make a donation per ticket sales, leading to more than $600 raised. With the recent expansion of HappyCity(ies) — now in Nashville, Tennessee and San Diego, California — every bit of funds raised will go towards supporting our mission of being the leaders in the establishment of happiness and well-being indicators and quality-of-life initiatives. As a nonprofit organization, we are always looking for volunteer leadership in every capacity. Join us on our [HAPPY] journey — you won’t regret it!