Vision 80 Initiative

by: Mika Kim

Beginning October 20th to November 3rd, HappyCity will be amongst the hundreds of applicants that will be competing for the highest number of votes for the $100,000 prize in the GOOD Maker’s #LA2050 Grants Challenge, spearheaded by the Goldhirsh Foundation. This community-guided initiative was launched in 2011 to inspire an outbreak of civic activism and to develop a roadmap to make the Los Angeles region the best place to learn, create, play, connect, and live.

HappyCity is entering into the My LA2050 Grants Challenge in the #LIVE category for its first time with the “#LAWellBeing Project” in hopes of getting the “Vision 80” for a better Los Angeles turned into reality.

So now, you may be asking — “What is Vision 80?” In 2014, HappyCity published its first “Happiness and Well-Being Index” Assessment in Los Angeles that produced an outcome of our current state of well-being measured at 71 — based on a scale of 0–100 from the Gross National Happiness (GNH) Index.

HappyCity’s #LAWellBeing Project’s “Vision 80” is a strategy to measure and improve our current state of well-being to lead us towards health while shifting us towards resilience and an equitable Los Angeles for all. Our aspiration is to exceed the single number index of 80 by 2050.

So vote for our project and make our happiness a priority to make Los Angeles the best place to #LIVE!