An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

I read your letter and I have to be honest, we live in a country that a large majority of people can’t even find a work and your letter comes across very naive and a little presumptuous, sorry but you are a child still, you have so little life experience or at least minimal. I know plenty of people your age who would kill for a job like that in NY which which is a bit more expensive over all then SF. Prior to writing this, you should have done your research because for most jobs out there even as a permalancer, you have to work for a place for at least a year or more before promotion or movement unless you were headhunted and are a wiz in something. I’m sorry you were fired but life lesson #1, hard knocks you need to grow some metaphorical cahones and get back out there and appreciate what you have or say screw it like a lot of people your age and start writing about it and travel. Get a roommate like the majority of people living in big cities are doing and start taking charge of your life and stop blaming others. You have your health and sounds like an education and skills in writing so make time once you get a job no matter what. You might have written a letter that brings attention to the minimum wage issue which if nothing else may bring the issue to light but your way is wasted due to the fact that you don’t sound hard off you just sound disappointed like so many people. Good luck and I hope something good luck.

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