This Is Why You Hate Me
Dave Pell


I live in Los Angeles, an immigrant-rich city to put it mildly. I too am subject to the same nonsense on the internet, and at very rare intervals, even worse nonsense on network tv. But you’ve drawn the same old lines across the public that are a big part of the reason we got trump.

A few weeks before the election, I went out shopping in a fancy local mall, then out to lunch in an equally upscale part of the west side of the city. I wore my Hilliary for Prison 2016 T-shirt because, even now, I believe she belongs there. I thought this might generate animosity in this very “liberal” (and what the living fuck does THAT word mean?) part of this very “liberal” state. Au contraire. I was repeatedly complimented on my shirt. By many people, with the appearance of various national origins, well-spoken, well-off, friendly, apparently well educated.

So, if you are concerned about legions of trump-voting Dukes of Hazzard, lurking beyond the reach of a local latte, you might want to rethink your clever assessment. 30 years of a candidate (and her husband) who just got worse and worse was enough to make us, AS A NATION, say NO.

Would we the people have chosen trump? NO, she and her backers did that. One more example of the clinton contamination (thanks Maureen Dowd) that refuses to die. The country will not be safe until they are well beyond that final “speaking engagement.

At high school age, I would have fallen somewhere between the “let him go” and the “jail him so he doesn’t get me”. Narc vs Stoner culture had already shown us there was no absolute right and wrong.

We lived thru Clinton, we lived thru Nixon, we’ll live thru this.



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