My Plan in Handal Medium for 30 Days (Handal+2)

I plan to write different types of subjects for the next 30 days. Most of them would be about my experience and I also want to deal with art, music, and language that I am interested in.

2. My target readers

My target readers are anyone who likes to read. I do not know how many people will have an interest in my writing. However, I would love to share it with other people and to get feedback from them, too.

3. My essays

My essays would not be influential enough but I hope someone who reads them will feel relaxed or release their stress since mine is not like the articles which handle serious ones such as social or political issues.

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

I am not a professional author but I am addicted to writing. Also, I love Handal Medium where I can express my feelings and thoughts as much as I want!



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