Finding a job that requires 5-10 years work experience at 25.

And they call this a graduate position. For architecture, anyway.

Embarking on my third year of architectural studies (at a reputable university, if I do say so myself) I am posed with the daunting realisation that I need to start looking for a job.

With almost two design qualifications under my belt, as well as an extensive resume that outlines nine — NINE — years of work experience in retail, an opportunity in a role that mostly requires industry experience seems bleak. (The other day I stumbled on an ad for an admin role with a pre-requisite of 15 years experience. Stumbling onwards.)

So what happens when there is a scarcity of entry level/student employment and you can’t fake it until you make it ?

Perhaps to endorse and embed a sense of chauvinism, tutors and lectures also insist on deterring their students from the idea of working for free. So, further, I am conditioned to perceive unpaid internships as a non-option.

These aspects are merely precursors of the challenges and hurdles ahead. I might also like to add the disclaimer that it is a common misconception that all architects are awarded high-ranking salaries.

Venturing into the realm of actively jobseeking or, rather, attempting to get “my foot in the door” I am, nevertheless, intending to refine my folio and begin approaching firms/studios to try to get a head-start before the semester commences. This way, I don’t have an excuse that my study workload is too overwhelming for me to designate energy into functioning like a real adult.

I will further document my efforts to pursue and persist.

Watch this space.