It’s all about who you know.

And who they know. And who they know.

It’s almost ironic how many acquaintances will quip about having a contact in the profession you are aspiring towards and “see what they can do.” Even more curiously, this is generally an unwarranted offer.

Although landing a job in a reputable firm is the raison d’être of (what-will-be) ten years of higher education, I like to be pragmatic about employment prospects.

Often, networking is the key to any successful outcome of making important contacts and generating all types of leads. But how much can someone — someone who hasn’t actually worked with you and only knows you on a somewhat personal level — vouch for your professional profile ? This is like all the endorsements your friends give you on LinkedIn, right ? I mean, I’ve helped friends land jobs only to realise the risk of how much their lack of work ethic might affect my reputation.

I guess the outstanding precursor of what I might be like in the workplace is translated by getting knocked back five times from architecture school until I finally broke through with resilience and determination in order to follow my dream career. And my back up ? I don’t have one. Because there is no other option. This is what I want to do. Simple.

Finally, I am only just in the last leg of my degree and I am just as motivated in acquiring experience early. Kind of like how I started school at 4, instead of most kids at 5. I don’t know why, but that means something to me.

I lean over towards modesty over pride so it’s safe to say that I wouldn’t complain if I had assistance with getting my foot in the door. But I think my chances of crawling into the industry relies heavily on relentlessly sending out resumes and a half-decent folio to anyone and everyone, despite the fact that my external harddrive just wiped itself with zero warning, obliterating the past four years worth of work. Yep.