The Coffeelicious editorial team changes

I don’t know anything about the complaints you have against Danna Coleman; however, I would like to express my extreme dismay that you would post publicly such libelous statements about this woman. You state in this email “…until the cases against her are otherwise proven….” I take this to mean that you have discharged her on hearsay and have not actually proven these claims against Ms. Coleman to actually be true.

I cannot express strongly enough how unprofessional your public statement against Ms. Colman is. You have opened yourself to a libel lawsuit by Ms. Colman, as well as privacy issues by publicly announcing this matter without having proven and addressed the claims. Even if you had already verified these complaints, it is extremely inadvisable for an employer to publicly divulge such derogatory and inflammatory information regarding an employee, whether or not it is a paid or volunteer position. In your own words, “This letter is to announce the dishonorable discharge of Danna Colman as an editor of The Coffeelicious until the cases against her are otherwise proven.”

If you felt the need to address this issue publicly, the only thing you should have said was something to the effect of “we have received complaints, and want to assure you that we are actively investigating each complaint. We take this very seriously, and the situation will be handled accordingly, including termination of any guilty party, if appropriate.” A statement such as I have indicated is much more appropriate and professional and does not leave you open for a lawsuit should Ms. Colman see fit to retaliate.

I certainly hope you will take this information seriously for future reference. There was no need to publicly humiliate Ms. Colman, especially with such a juvenile and unprofessional email as the one I received.

Best wishes,

Patricia Royal

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