Fall 10x10 Challenge Recap

After I first participated in the Summer 10x10 challenge hosted by Lee from Style Bee and Caroline from Un-Fancy, I started counting the days till the next one. It was so much fun! A couple of the outfits I created were not my usual style, maybe even little out of my comfort zone. Nevertheless, I actually loved them, so they will be definitely go-to outfits. For example, here is one of them, where I wore a graphic t-shirt underneath a dress shirt:

dark jean with colorful slip-ons

It is great for the summer-fall transition when it still looks fresh and summery, but layers keep you warmer in cooler weather.

What is 10 x 10 Challenge?

For those who are new here, the 10x10 challenge is a seasonal event established by Lee in 2015. It encourages participants to pick 10 garments and create different outfits. The ten pieces include clothes and shoes, and don’t include handbags and accessories. Read more about it here.

Here are the 10 items I chose:

fall capsule wardrobe - 10 pieces 10 outfits

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Why you should join?

The 10x10 Challenge is a great opportunity to make your closet work harder for you, to experiment with the clothes you have, and to realize you don’t need an overflowing closet to look great! Check the Instagram under #10x10friends #stylebee10x10, #fall10x10, spring10x10, #winter10x10, or #summer10x10 for more inspiration!

Some takeaways

Not all outfits will find a place in my wardrobe. For example, this one was kind of OK

dress and slip-ons

I pushed myself to wear it through the challenge. I actually prefer to wear it like this:

dress and mules outfit

The rest of my outfits were as follows:

ivory pants and print shirt outfit
ivory pants and blazer outfit
jeans graphic tee and blazer outfit
dress and blazer outfit
dress, blazer ans slip-ons outfit
jeans, blazer and nude heels
ivory pants and blazer outfit
ivory pants and denim jacket

Other bloggers’ outfits I enjoyed

polka dot blouse and skirt and red shoes

Lumiere D’Helen

fall outfits

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