Of Birthrights & Love / Conquest & Fate

I hope you all saw that title and immediately starting singing.
After playing both Birthright & Conquest, I could not contain my enthusiasm and had to share my thoughts. There is just so much I loved about this game.

While not my first Fire Emblem game, it is the second one I’ve played in the series. After I beat Awakening, I really wanted to get more into the franchise but never got around to doing so. However, when Fates was announced, It was time to continue my Fire Emblem journey.

Nohr family on left; Hoshido on right

Prepare to Regret your Decision

Both Birthright and Conquest begin the same until you reach chapter 6, a.k.a judgement day. They give you a little taste of both Hoshido and Nohr to make your decision more challenging than it already is. Regardless on which ever side you pick, be prepared for regrets that will increase as the story progresses.

Long before I bought the game, I was planning on playing through Birthright first. So when it came down to my decision, I really didn’t hesitate on the choice… but oh did it hurt. That entire chapter is just sad, and you’re going to feel like the worst person ever. Don’t worry, it’ll get worse before it gets better~
So starting Conquest should’ve make me feel much better, right?!
NOPE. I still regretted it. Though I’d be lying if I didn’t feel a tiny bit better about it. My precious Nohr family didn’t have to suffer again.

This is one of the reasons I truly love this game. It really packs on the emotions between Hoshido and Nohr. Very lovable family members. Cherish them.

Birthright or Conquest?

The question everyone is asking. It’s really up to you whichever one you want to start with, but I definitely think everyone should start with Birthright.

Birthright is the easier option of both installments. It gives you the opportunity to scout for challenges, which grants you plenty of time to level up your units as well as pair them together. The levels aren’t as complex with just your basic ‘defeat the boss’ or ‘route the enemy’ for each chapter. Of course you can choose the difficulty level (now featuring Phoenix which makes the game stupid easy), as well as turning permadeath off. These apply for Conquest as well.
If this is your first Fire Emblem game ever, definitely start with Birthright. It’s a nice warm up to ease you into the franchise.

Conquest is the more difficult version of Fates. It plays the same as Birthright, but you are limited on grinding. That’s right, no scouting for enemies, and no time for babies. The chapters are also more challenging with specific goals to complete in the chapters; i.e. ‘Protect the red space for 11 turns’, ‘defeat the boss in 20 turns or less’, and ‘don’t let so-and-so escape!’ This makes it way more tricky, and you will automatically fail the chapter if you goof.
The best advice I can provide is to pair up units immediately. Prologues are a blessing that will save you. Ya need those kids and that experience! I got to the last 5 chapters with no more prologues and castle invasions left to level up. It made for a very challenging time…

But to really answer the question above; Both. Definitely play both. They’re both two different games, even if they are 2 sides of the same coin. Just don’t play Revelations first…. I mean, if you really want to start with a happy ending only to have it crushed, then go for it.

The Best of Both Worlds

YEP. Fire Emblem Fates is technically 3 full games in one. It’s a mess between both families that they made 3 games to sort it out. Revelations is the one that ties both Birthright and Conquest together.
Though I have yet to start this, I can say I am very eager to do so! Being able to actually play with both Hoshido and Nohr simultaneously, working together in harmony.. ahhh it’s like a beautiful paradise! The icing on the cake. The cherry on top of that perfect sundae~

Sadly, I had to force myself to not play Revelations right away. Thought it was time to take a little Fire Emblem break since I’ve been playing it since April 2016… I honestly didn’t intend to start Conquest immediately either, but I really couldn’t control myself.

Azura doing her graceful spins

So out of both games, which did I prefer?! Well, first let me say that I love Fates. In my opinion it’s immensely better than Awakening (which is still a great game)! The story is just way more intriguing, and the families of both sides are worth it alone.
That being said, I definitely enjoyed Conquest more. Yes, it was hard (I literally had 3 units remaining in the final battle), but the challenge made it more exciting! I loved the Nohr family, and the route it took was so good. They pulled it off very well. Sometimes being [somewhat] bad feels so good.

Fire Emblem Fates has easily become one of my all time favorite games. I enjoyed every moment I played of it, and find myself missing it now that it’s over. One of the best games 2016 has to offer. There’s so much you can do in this game that make it all more wonderful! If you’re a fan of good plots, cool characters, and games in general, you MUST play this game. I promise you’ll enjoy it.