Spooky & Not-So-Spooky Games

If you’re like me and really get into Halloween… then you’ll definitely need some good games that’ll get you into the spirit! Thankfully, I’ve created a selection of spooky, and not-so-spooky games for you to enjoy this season!

The Real Spooks

For those of you who enjoy a good horror game that’ll really make you jump, here’s some suggestions to tickle your fancy:

If you’ve ever played a Fatal Frame game.. you’re in for a real treat! Maiden of Black Water is the 5th installment in the series, and is a definite thriller to say the least. Saunter around Hikami Mountain as three other playable characters to try and accomplish what their goals are for exploring the haunted area.

For the Wii U only, but you get to utilize the gamepad features and take pictures of ghost in means to fight them off. Different angles and closeness of the photos depends on how much ‘damage’ is done to defeat them. Concept may seem silly, but it’s quite terrifying when you’re encountered by a ghost….. and they’re creepy.

Behold! Probably the scariest game I’ve ever played [and really enjoyed]. Much like Fatal Frame, Shattered Memories is part of the infamous Silent Hill series, and is probably the scariest imo..

Join Harry Mason as he tries to remember what the hell happened to him, and where his daughter is in the eerie town of Silent Hill. The game starts off with an interview to get inside your head a little bit. Be warned that these decisions with effect how the game is played. It’s your own personal nightmare! How fun!

Available for both PS2 and Wii, but I say go with the Wii version. You get to hold the Wii Remote up to your ears when you receive a phone call… which makes the experience all the more intense! No combat in this game. Just running for your life.

We can sit here and argue if this even qualifies as a ‘scary’ game… but Half-Life 2 definitely gives me plenty of creeps and jump scares. I may also have added to this list since I’ll be playing this game for Halloween weekend.

There’s really nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said. This game is awesome, and everyone needs to experience it. It’s a non-stop action game that’ll leave you on edge the entire time… just when you think you’re at a safe spot, more action is waiting for you. The game starts off harmless enough, but quickly escalates into a creepy atmosphere as you progress. Watch out for those Head Crabs…

The Not-So-Spooks

For those who aren’t looking forward to sleepless nights, there are plenty of games for the faint of heart! Here are 3 of my personal favorite spooky friendly games:

The inevitable! What better spooky friendly game to play than Luigi’s Mansion?! While the GameCube game is fantastic, I personally think Dark Moon is immensely better!

Assist Professor E. Gadd and you use your Poltergust 5000 to suck up those nasty ghosts and put an end to King Boos tyranny. The game plays very similar to the first one, so those of you who have already played it get the gist. Each level is set up as missions, so you can pick-up and play whenever your heart desires. With bonuses to be redeemed in each level (make sure you catch all those Boos!), and the best protagonist there it, Dark Moon is full of excitement! Definitely one of the better games everyone should play.

A.K.A. Another Code

This puzzle/mystery game is often forgotten… which is sad because I love it dearly. Released in 2005 around the time the original DS came about, Trace Memory was a real treat! It utilized quite a few DS features for solving puzzles in the game. It’s not very long, so you can easily finish in a day if you really wanted to. There are multiple endings though, so make sure you play efficiently!

Accompany Ashley as she travels to the mysterious (and creepy) Blood Edwards Island in hopes of uncovering the mysteries of her past. Along the way, you meet a companion named ‘D’, who also needs help remembering his past…. oh, and he’s a ghost. The two of you wander around an old mansion where you discover a series of unfortunate events that took place there.

Don’t worry guys, I’ve saved the best for last.
If you’ve never played, Ghost Trick.. go do so immediately. Probably one of the best games, and game experiences I’ve ever had. 
Created by the wonderful Shu Takumi, Ghost Trick is a timed puzzle solving game, unlike any game you’ve ever played before… trust me on this.

You take control of a character named Sissel who… OH NO... HE’S DEAD?! Yep! You play as a dead man with no memory. The object of the game is to uncover the truth about yourself, all the while helping others escape their death by manipulating objects to change the course of how the events will play out. But be warned… you only have 4 minutes until death wins.

And there’s my top 6 Halloween game recommendations! Of course there are tons of other fitting games to play this season, but if you needed some suggestions, I highly recommend trying out any of the above.

Let me know what games you’ll be playing this season to get you into the spooky mood!

Have a happy, and safe Halloween 🎃