The reason why I started 1 person company

1 person company story 001 @Hamburg, Germany

I will go on my way
“earn the money, and the time for the most.”

I have worked for 5 years in Germany and hard to remember worked overtime. Even though, there is no big difference that I sold my 5 days to earn 2 days to the employer. If I do not like this, I should have to know how to survive without being employed. However, my survival skill is almost zero over 30 years of my life. This means, I never knew how the contribution of my work in the company connected to the profit. I was trying to search many pieces of literature and online articles, “how to survive alone as a programmer” but the most of the programmer sold their time as a freelancer and outsourcing projects.

I think there is the only way to overcome this problem. That is the owning a means of production which is not proportional to the profit compared to the time effort. Software as a service(SaaS) is a type of this where I can join without the huge asset. For example, a service on the AWS for 24 hours and produce profit each moment. There is a large benefit of this model. If there is a client who pays 1 dollar per month, the income increases proportionally to the number of clients where the time of effort does not. Of course, it would be not realistic plan running service over million clients as a single person corporation. That is the reason why I need to focus on the niche market that can serve the survival of a single person rather than the big pie of market.

On next, I will try to write about the ultimate goal.