Tell your problems to God

I have had this intense rollercoaster ride since the start of this year. Friends and family have tried to hear me out, provide solutions. But it hasn’t worked.

I understand because no one completely understands what the other person goes through.

I understand that they cannot take your time out exclusively for you because they also have their own priorities, worries, issues that needs to be addressed.

I also understand that no one, absolutely no one can be with you, for you all the time, because at the end of the day you are just someone.

What worried me was that at the end of the day I come back to an empty house, to an empty room and no people. More often I think yes, my parents are there but they also have plans to settle down in a place and will be gone one day.

So being human dependent is not the solution. Being God-dependent is.

God hears you, heals you, tries you and tests you in ways you cannot possibly imagine. He knows you heart and even before you have to tell him, He knows. Isn’t that the best? A friend who knows you in and out, who completes your sentences, who cares for you. But he also acknowledges that it is not good for someone to be alone. I hope he has heard my prayers and the answers are on it’s way.