Do you fear friends or colleagues will find out you are not as worthy as they think?
Or you feel your success (irrespective big or small) was a fluke and people will soon find out you are a fraud?

Don’t worry it’s the Impostor Syndrome where you feel like a fraudulent, a pretender, a hoaxer (which you are not).

Approximately 70 percent of people will experience at least one episode of impostor syndrome in their lives.

What’s Impostor Syndrome? Why is it vicious?

Often spelled as Imposter, feeling an Impostor is incompetence to deal with your imperfections and perform at the highest standards you set for yourself.

This is the best time to respond to your inner world

A lockdown for bodies, but minds still wandering…
And this distance between mind and body — it’s turning the inevitable pain into self-made suffering.
But that’s the downside!!

Let’s talk about the upside… the positives through this period.

Let’s try to experience these happy realizations:

1. Death getting us closer to life

People are dying like flies everywhere of the exact reason. It provokes fear of death now and then at every heart, no different you and me. But amidst all these did you realize: We literally experienced our biggest fear Death sitting at home? Gracious we are alive! Is there a bigger…

The extended quarantine period… is it taking a toll on your mental health?

Let me ask You During This Lockdown:

Are you yearning to step out of lockdown to fulfill your desires?
Is the pain of world outside transiting into your suffering?
Do you struggle to utilize the Me time you never got before?
Do you foresee uncertainties, leading to dilemmas, on the other side of pandemics?

If any of these is happening with you during the Corona outbreak, your mind is turning into a theatre of psychological dramas.

High time mate! You better stop engaging with your thoughts.

Let’s understand what’s cooking

A hell lot is happening around you, infact…

Do you only feel negative during this lockdown?

With pain and helplessness all around,
With your self-identity forced to switch roles,

With a jolted normal for unpredictably long,
The thought pop ups cannot be exciting.
Infact most of them are negative…

Relax… that’s human! We are on the same leaky boat.

But maybe…during this lockdown… everything has gone all too far.

Let’s Address the Problem

Fear… Dilemmas… Uncertainties… Anxiety… You are thinking too much about the future.
Overflowing thoughts drive you everywhere you don’t want to reach.

Now that lays the foundation of a quandary. Because when this mind-state continues, where the thoughts are…

According to Collins dictionary, Nature is all the animals, plants, and other things in the world that are not made by people, and all the events and processes that are not caused by people.

(I’ll be denoting Nature by They, Them, Their… Just cannot confine nature into a box of It.)

Let’s meet Nature

Nature is super-expressive! Since ages, they are trying hard to express:
Pain during ruthless slaughtering,
Misery in feeding inorganic pollutants,
Suffering after a sudden human attack,

Yes that’s what nature had to share. …

These are not generic pieces of advice readily available

Do your heartfelt articles fail to connect soulfully with readers?

I developed a habitual loser-feeling when my passion for writing was struggling to find engaging eyes.

Why? I did not know. I did everything:

  • give hours and days to create a piece
  • fulfill the article’s demand for sufficient time and fulsome dedication

It did not grab my readers’ attention. Needless to mention, it never fell under the category of viral content.

Ahh… pains like a dagger in the heart. And the dreaded fear evolves — ‘Am I really capable of living my dream life?’

Loosen up mate if you ever come…

Yes… you can achieve… anything and everything!

As minors, most of us are fortunate to have parents guide us to our next move. In schools and colleges, we have teachers and professors as our mentors.

But as soon as we turn into independent individuals, most of us battle alone to define our success ways.

Is your question How to become successful still struggling to find the best answer?

Rest easy! there are many like you striving to define life on their own terms.

Yes… the best characteristic of this phase is it’s nondiscriminatory and spares none. …

I observed a drastic increase in Google searches revolving around hiring a life coach. Searches like best life coaches, life coach near me, find a life coach, get a life coach, are trending.

These intriguing searches instigated me to get a deeper insight into insights of life coaching — who is a life coach, and for you to figure out whether you need one.

Good life coaches by their practical experience, sublime confidence and supreme ability to uplift, help clients to realize their goals and objectives.

Be it a personal or professional goal, a life coach is multi-dimensional.

A good…

Do you feel negative emotions?

Sadness because of missing someone;

Dejected by cause of a betrayal;

Heart-broken after facing criticism;

Fear in anticipation of failures;

Anger because of lack of self-love;

I’m sure you have had many such experiences offering you the taste of different negative emotions.

And yes… any of these emotions are powerful enough to make anyone feel negative.

I am sure it’s a bad taste when you feel negative emotions.

No denial sometimes it’s a walk through hell.

But before you criticize any of these negative emotions, please knock your memory door and ask:

Did that experience teach you a life lesson?

In the fight between positivity vs negativity; no brainer, we wish positivity emerges as a winner… always!

Ever wondered why?
A general impression of negativity is bad in our mind. Moreover, the frequency strike of negative thoughts and feelings is way beyond.

Because grass on other side looks greener; we end up craving positivity without realizing what feeling negative can offer.

What I mean by feeling negative? Is negativity as bad as you think?

When I say feeling negative, I mean feeling the most common negative emotion adversely affecting most of us — Sadness.

You won’t deny wherever there is negativity because of any reason, we feel sad by default.

And if you…

Amanpreet Singh

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