Saving Things in Mid-Air

Anyone who uses a computer or a mobile device know the struggle of storage, which is there isn't really ever enough. The solution to this problem is cloud computing. Computer computing is where a group of servers is used to store information using the internet. There are many companies that offer this service such as, Google and Dropbox.


Google Drive is one of the most useful tools in my opinion. Google Drive is a tool by Google that allows its users to have 15 GB of storage online. The reason I find this tool really usefully is not only because of the huge storage space, but it also allows people to work on the document with others and see the edits they make in real-time. As a student, there are assignments I have to complete. This tool saves me the trouble of sending the same document to different people to edit the work and then compile their edits to my document.


Dropbox is a service which most of my friends use, but I don’t. For me, I feel like Google Drive is enough. Dropbox offers its users up to 5Gb of free data. In my opinion, Google Drive is so much better. It offers more storage in terms of free storage and it allows collaboration. However, Dropbox has a feature where any photo/video you take from your phone automatically saves Dropbox. This saves times by not selecting to go to the app and uploading the photo/video for storage.

In conclusion, digital storage for people is a big problem. The problem with companies offering their users free storage is the fact that the companies themselves have to pay for the more storage we use. This is because our data is stored on servers which the companies have to pay for. The company that offers the most storage is Google through its tool Google Drive. However, most of my friends use Dropbox because of its convience of saving the photos/videos on to the service automatically. I am still biased towards Google Drive for its larger free storage.