Ecosquared is On The Runway

  • High-fidelity mockup complete —
  • Coders have implemented Phase 1 only two days behind schedule.
  • Uni Lecturer has produced first model of data analysis, using dummy data of course.
  • Trip to Finland was outrageous, more below.
  • Two founding investors secured — one more needed!

High-Fidelity Mockup

90% complete with still a few thing to clean up, but all the graphics have been done, ready for the coders. Mark the UX Designer has done a good job, minimal style, bare-bones functionality. It is designed in such a way that it can be extended easily; there’s a lot of modules which are in the pipeline! But, first things first — delivering an operational tool that delivers Gift Mechanism and Gratitude Engine. Do you like it?

Build B

Phase 1 has seen server set up, login, captcha, web-app summary screen, and admin panel. Phase 2 is user bundle which will be completed mid-September. Phase 3 is Product Bundle for mid-October.

Data-Analysis Model

We have attracted the attention of a bright & young Uni Doc who has seen something in Ecosquared he hasn’t seen elsewhere. He’s built a Java project, created some dummy data of course, and produced a first model of Ecosquared. Here’s what he says:

…people with good connectivity, many thanks across projects, etc., are social and brandable people [sic]. It is ideal for finding brand ambassadors.

We plan to offer our users a graphic view of gift dispersals, as well as a gratitude ‘heat-map’ within a project. Doc Johannes is aiming to provide a second-order analysis of multiple products, as well as begin the journey of relating values between people and products and their dispersal patterns. Buzz me if you want to see.

Finland “Ship Festival”

Ecosquared won a trip to Ship Festival in Finland. It was wild. Think Web Summit, but organised by students — and for all its failings, far better for it. We met the originator, Jouni, who introduced us to several sponsors including Mikko from Google, and his fellow co-founders who are building a university for the next millennium.

Investors, Runways, and Getting Off the Ground…

We were originally going to run three 2-week sprints with a Cambridge-coder working at £500/day. He went AWOL — thankfully before we paid him a penny — and we’ve gone back to my Ukrainian coding partner who has taken on the job: two coders at $200/day each. Despite being cheaper, the run is longer, and so it is going to exceed budget — which means we need additional £k’s before end of September or else we run out of runway.

Wait — why are we doing all this?

While everyone and their dog is on the current fintech wagons — either blockchain bubble, trading apps or internet-only banks — Ecosquared is undercutting the entire economic system. Quietly. In the background.



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David Pinto

David Pinto

Founder of Ecosquared, anthropologist, mathematician, tango, Go.