Second and Final Update…

David Pinto
4 min readSep 25, 2017


…because the next update will be shared through Ecosquared itself!

Phase 2 Complete — Here’s a Glimpse!

Development has gone well. Graphics and UX are exactly what Mark the UX Designer envisaged. Minimal, elegant. Simple input of values, clear comparison of evaluations, and take a look at those card animations…

Phase 3 will be complete end of October, and we’ll be at the end of our runway. And will it fly…?

Got some Exceptional Content?

To set ourselves up with the best chance of going viral, we are partnering with exceptional soft-launch partners, for both content-creation and network-voting. We’ve got some folk already lined up for network-value-tracking like P&KC and Edinburgh Uni, but we’re on the look-out for digital content that is “socially sticky”, for which we’re giving sizeable equity.

If you have invested in your content, then you have enough faith in your fans to share your superlative content through Ecosquared. Trust your fans to pull your content through their networks. Usher in a new world of non-marketing.

And remember secondary advertising. Our soft-launch partners are going to get press coverage aplenty when Ecosquared takes off.

Rewarding the Usership

Ecosquared upgrades us from consumers-to-be-sold-to, to ambassadors-of-what-we-love. We believe this so strongly we aim to distribute 16% of Ecosquared equity to the first thousand through to million users. Half for participating, and half for prizes for best use-cases.

Sharing stuff is a reward in itself, knowing that all money is going to the content-creators with absolutely no tax, no brokers or social loafing. However, it’s not the tool that’s important —it is how the tool is used.

At this point, we don’t know which community is going to release the power of the SQ algorithm first. Students in college, teams in offices, professionals across networks? We don’t know. So, let’s reward them with best use-case prizes. After all, it is our experience, our skills, our trust amongst one another, which Ecosquared will reflect and therefore reward accordingly.

Want to Help?

We’re bootstrapping in every possible way. The help desk, for example, harkens back to the old days of the internet where people just contributed answers to other user’s forum queries. This time, moneyflow moves naturally to those who are most helpful. At Ecosquared help desk, or as part of any organisation or social effort.

There’s no ‘position’ or ‘role’ in Ecosquared. You just do what you do and if it is helpful, people will thank you, and so you will end up with moneyflow. You don’t do it for the money, you do it because you are actually helpful. Nor is your return measured by how good a talker or seller you are. Let our actions speak for us. Ecosquared establishes a conversation of action.

We will still need to negotiate engagement between ourselves. But because money isn’t held by any organisation, we are only beholden to ourselves. Money doesn’t aggregate into capital, nor is it artificially distributed. The more successful we are collectively, the more each of us holds as ‘stakeholders’ in our collective efforts. When building a house, the architect, bricklayer, carpenter, roofer, plasterer all own it, and of course the stewards — the people who actually live in it!

Would you like to approach someone you respect? Elon Musk? Barrack Obama? Nassim Taleb? We’re looking for pre-launch users to test the platform, and build critical mass to invite people we would like to engage. ‘We’ as in any of us. Effortlessly. Such famous people are out of our reach through normal means, but Ecosquared allows us to ‘petition’ those we respect not only with our numbers, but with our money.

How Much Is Involved?

Because of the nature of the beast, ‘Unicorns’ (startups valued at $1 billion) are now being replaced with the hunt for ‘decacorns’. Let’s change the game.

Why? Not because we believe in Ecosquared. But because if Ecosquared ends up being worth $10 billion, we users will have discovered Credits are more useful than money. We end up with higher quality content coming to us through our friends, connecting up with people and resources faster because we’re breaking down the organisational boundaries between us, as well as deepening our relationships to people we already know.

So, if our early adopters earn x10,000 ROI like our pre-launch investors and soft-launch partners, what do you think they are going to do with that money?

That’s currently a hypothetical question, but you have the power to be faced with that decision once we launch.

Be part of history. Billions of people in the future will be looking back at this launch and the people active in making it happen. I genuinely don’t know if this is the tipping point. But it could be.

Experience Ecosquared.



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