10 happy startup content gems… as voted for by you

Here’s a rundown of our most popular articles, slide decks and videos since we launched The Happy Startup School almost 3 years ago – enjoy :)

1. The Minimum Loveable Product
Slideshare 750,000+ views

2. Introducing The Happy Startup Canvas
Medium post 200,000 views

3. What is a Happy Startup?
Slideshare 160,000 views

4. 10 Ways You’ll Probably F*** Up Your Startup
Medium post 100,000 views

5. 10 steps to Happiness in Business (and Life)
Slideshare 80,000 views

6. Why Happiness Should Be Your Business Model
Medium post 55,000 views

7. 4 Steps To A Happy Startup: The Path From Passion To Profits
E-book 30,000 downloads

8. 10 things We’ve Learnt That We Wish We’d Known Back Then
Slideshare 10,000 views

9. Bucketlist Business Planning
Talk by Jack Hubbard 5,000 views

10. So, You Run a Lifestyle Business?
Medium post 5,000 views

and a bonus one…

11. The Happy Startup Summercamp 2014
Short film 5,000 views

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