Frankly, I’m hungry haha. I needed more than half a bagel for brekky today. Good to meet ya!
Jon Westenberg

I know all story and background…but soon as you see on my fb i go quit my home and all thing…i go join jin family…the dont know me…and i well com back soon just for them to meet then the well see my red eyes….the cry alot but time well go out then…bcz i m not the one i well with my team and i well catch them on road on office on home any were i can thise kind of team i have…and i dont want untill day but the dont give me any way with out this…i join them with honsetly but the fukin noob…i quit slint all time that the. Know my point i dont want need other things..but the think i m fool idiot..i just show that for them in there tespect…the if im with you i alwasy b like that…but now its i go off in darkh…watch them now ho the well b the keep thers life happy with joiynand fun the cant out from home…even i well catch him from home..the dont know what well i do….what well the reall Reveng…i well show them how i take my Reveng with 100% extra benefit…i well show u are just copey of badmaash…im not but i well show the power which the naver amegin about me…when the well see me like that the cant belive on his eyes…the cant breath and cant move…earth well run away from them…then the well thinking and memorise his behave and miss person…but then time well go late…i give him alot of time and chamcs and join them by any kind of parthy for just that i dont want any loss of them….bcz nothing in my life for lost..but the have much more to lost…the bring my on this way no the well get his roward…i know 1 by 1 i keep remmber my list…and i do this all in shaning day of sun like a Loin…the well see my others Loin and all peopel well remmber and forwad this story to others that we see the a mens com from Hell and the put others in Hell with unbelavebal tought the Reveng…i dont need darkh of night..bcz i m not idiot…really i dont want do this but the fukin the dont give me any way for me…now i have nothing to do with out this which i do and feel peace….i want my peace with them in theres compeny…but the refuse and underestimate my self…now win i show my self unfortunately the well see but not so much longer……i go in this up coming week and leave home and all socical activists…soon you well see then you think ouh God i see all time A Loin in cat shape…rebin hood says…Rise and Rise untill lambs becom Loin…i dont do i want be like a cat but i think the like and want Loin…ok i wel show them soon…

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