What’s the answer to the question:

Are you going to put the money into a virtual reality solution or are you going with the augmented?

The answer is both, or maybe I should say neither. To be honest I think the question is wrong and irrelevant.


Let’s start with the immersive part, the virtual reality.- …

— Hey listen, you work with, you know, users. Can I ask you a something?

— Oookey, go ahead..?

— Why do you think we still use floppy disk as save icon? Isn't it outdated and about time we create something new and smarter?

I've heard that question many times, on the surface it seems legit as we don’t use floppy disks anymore and haven’t in years (my kids haven’t even seen one). But is it such a bad icon and are people really having a problem understanding the save icon?

Personally, I don’t think it should be removed, it’s a good representation of saving something for later. If anything, we should get rid of the need to save things at all, but thats another story. But why do I think it’s a good icon, what arguments do I have more than a gut feeling? …

One thing I love about working with Jayway — if you have a genuine interest in something it’s easy to gather a bunch of colleges/friends dig deeper. This will be a three-part series around creativity and augmented reality (it’s in the title you know). Time to get started with some serious creative thinking.

At Jayway we have followed the virtual and augmented reality trends for some time and this spring augmented popped up everywhere with device plans from BMWs MINI and Facebook, and other rumors as well. …

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