What’s the answer to the question:

Are you going to put the money into a virtual reality solution or are you going with the augmented?


Let’s start with the…

— Hey listen, you work with, you know, users. Can I ask you a something?

— Oookey, go ahead..?

— Why do you think we still use floppy disk as save icon? Isn't it outdated and about time we create something new and smarter?

One thing I love about working with Jayway — if you have a genuine interest in something it’s easy to gather a bunch of colleges/friends dig deeper. This will be a three-part series around creativity and augmented reality (it’s in the title you know). …

Here we go again - getting post conference depression when leaving all the wonderful people at UX Lx in Lisbon. So to soften the blow I try to reanimate the experience in my head and dump it here. Capturing the all the impressions from a conference in a bunch of…

Håkan Reis

When changing the world make sure it’s for the better.

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