Augment your life with HoloLens

One thing I love about working with Jayway — if you have a genuine interest in something it’s easy to gather a bunch of colleges/friends dig deeper. This will be a three-part series around creativity and augmented reality (it’s in the title you know). Time to get started with some serious creative thinking.

At Jayway we have followed the virtual and augmented reality trends for some time and this spring augmented popped up everywhere with device plans from BMWs MINI and Facebook, and other rumors as well. One company have come a bit further than plans, with a real device and an SDK — of course I talk about HoloLens from Microsoft.

So with all the smart people gathered at Jayway, how do we approach this? How can we come up with some fun ideas around augmented reality and specifically using HoloLens?

Read the full series at the Jayway Digitizing Ideas blog

Augment your life with HoloLens I — idea and planning
Augment your life with HoloLens II — showtime
Augment your life with HoloLens III — filtering