That made you unique…

Rushing in,
When thrown out.
Diving deep,
When no one listened your shout.
Shining bright,
When dullness took the couch.
Sadness around,
When you inhaled the exhaled out.
Styled new,
When people don’t appreciate stout.

You let them!!!
When they judged you.

You lived it!!!
When they could’t understand your struggle.
You killed it!!!
When fear had almost drowned you.
You DID IT!!!
When you became your own INSPIRATION.

Let it charm you and INSPIRE others.

Fuel up,
When they want you to go down.
Sing it out,
When quietness is all around.
Dance in fire,
When you are hound.

You thought,
They were the cause of your grim.
You thought,
They were the cause of your lost crown.
You thought,
They were not worth you.

You thought,
What you wanted to!!!

There are those, by your side
With a clinging smile
Happy for your pile
With a squeezing dice
To give you heart warming surprise…

~Harnoor Bhullar
(The Poetic Nerve)