When Right to life is questioned?

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Those gleamy eyes
Those hollow cheeked
Wearing shabby clothes
Four of them standing together
A 10 year old carrying a 2 year old
Gazing at the sky with glaring face

There was a question in their eyes,
Yes, something they felt was partial to them
Something that they didn’t have since they were born
Something that they felt was stolen from them
Something that we consider as our basic right to have
Something for which we are entitled for and not them

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Looking at us in despair and some hope
In hope of some, LOVE
In hope of some, CARE
In hope of some, HELP

The game of life,
Some dissatisfied meal in gold
When some crave for a single meal in many days.
And Still not gratified?

One of the four, took a leap,
With a shivering body, 
Nature being so humble to them.
Asked, “Pls, buy me something to eat”.
A burger is all we did.
Starting of a friendship it was.

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A smile, heart throbbing it was.
One smile that filled in the holes,
Of discontentment in our life.
It gave a reason to live and die for.

Lets build a planet of Love.
Lets grow together, 
There is so much to explore.
Lets worship humanity more,
To face the ghastly roars.

Lets stand united,
We are one because we are gifted with the title
“The Humans”

~Harnoor Bhullar