Does Agile go the drain? Next year will be a turning point for many agile transformation programs

In 2018 even the last companies tried to jump onto the Agile transformation train. Agile and Digitalization is dominating new titles and people with Agile in their mind became the new heroes. And Agile transformation programs have gained a tremendous momentum and size.

One way to success?

It have not been the small niches anymore. Incubators continuously are increasing in size. Companies build whole campuses to run Agile programs. Most of them have multi-year transition plans, by when Agile must happen.

Agile consulting has become a new industry. Though companies are willing to invest massive amounts to train their people. They have to understand…

My WHAT is the HOW.

(or: The result of my work is a better the approach to the optimal solution - whatever challenge is to be addressed)

My name is Harald Dietrich. I am an engineer and have worked for many years in the software industry. Nowadays I take care for people - developers, team leaders, but even many more employees involved in running a successful business. I am a servant leader. Decisions are taken with the people and not for the people. My profession has become mentoring and coaching.

WHY? Because I believe that there is much more power…

You want to change the world? Fantastic idea! So how would you want to start?

I for myself have taken the attempt several times. I am not sure if I have changed many things in the world, but I can tell, that my world has changed a lot since then.

For a long while I was chasing unicorns. Change was a wild creature of an amazing purity and grace. Like the horn of a unicorn, change was meant to be antitoxic, even having capabilities to awaken things from death. …

We must get away from the idea people are silos. Just because people are experts, they must not do it all alone. Cross-functional teams require cross-functional people, who are able to contribute critical questions beyond their core expertise. It is the key to focus and robustness.

Subject matter experts are silos — subject matter expertise needs to be shared. If experts are leaving, the subject stays. If you are not able to close the gap from within your organization, expertise needs to be bought from the outside.

Experts from the outside do not know anything about the culture in your…

Harald Dietrich

let's make the #future work for #youandme | acceptance, patience, and love for what we are doing | see also my blog | views are my own

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