The individual contributor class — the passionate problem solvers — arrive in the belly of the for-profit tech beast only to realize how deeply fucked-up these orgs can be. Our response is to latch onto what feels genuine and humane.
The (Psychological) Safety Dance
John Cutler

Well said, John Cutler! We find out that we are fu**ed up with what we are doing. It feels like we are missing something real.

Not knowing, if there is some salvation in it as such, I have some observations in regards to psychological safety, which might contain a clue:

A — really everyone feels attracted by the topic “psychological safety”

B — as well business development, as technological progress, as working models are developing at a pace, which makes is even hard for experts to follow up

C — the use of the use of the word “humble” has gained a tremendous momentum

The talks and articles about “psychological safety” show to me, that it is about time to get back to ourselves. Be present, don’t shy away from tremendous conflicts we are facing… for ourselves, be able to stop, take a breath, think, and simply observe. Without the need to define actions and objectives. Just find a direction we want to look at.

Only by writing this, I start to feel myself becoming more emotional. It is something that seems to touch my soul, a desire to become better from recess. And have others who understand. Be coherent and related, to be able to withstand the urge to keep up with a the trends and needs. And help others to get there as well.