A Letter from Iceland: #CanYouHearUs.IS

The author´s interest in politics in Iceland is impressive. However, a few things need to be clarified:

1. It is incorrect that „The Parliament did nothing“ as you see here: http://www.althingi.is/thingstorf/listar-yfir-mal-a-yfirstandandi-thingi/samantektir-um-thingmal/?ltg=145&mnr=841

These proposals on national referendums, protection of the environment and natural resources are in line with the draft.

2. The main purpose of the draft is to facilitate the transfer of powers from Iceland to the European Union. That is a big step in the opposite direction of democracy. Once inside the EU, the rules of the EU override the constitution.

3. The constitution of Iceland was approved by about 95% of voters in Iceland. The draft was approved by 31% of voters.

If you want to support a better world, I suggest giving money to end poverty in the 3rd world, for peace, for the environment or even for democracy, rather than to undermine the constitution of Iceland.

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