Management lessons commuting in Bangalore taught me

They say, travel is the best teacher. I have to agree.

Recently, I learnt a lot about project management while travelling … from home to office.

It was a short distance of five kilometres, but a long hour - time enough to reflect and ponder on a wide array of topics.

There was a traffic jam with a redirection due to a dug up road ahead and the alternate road was pothole-patterned. Quite an ordinary scenario for those living in the garden city Bengaluru.

My root cause analysis of the traffic problem was this:
i) Not enough roads
 a) insufficient number of roads connecting different areas
 b) commercial complexes and large apartment complexes approved on areas with narrow roads
ii) Bad road quality
 a) Roads easily broken by heavy vehicular traffic
 b) Roads washed away with a couple of heavy rains
iii) Delayed repair work
iv) Bad quality of repair work
v) No notification anywhere about the repair work done along the route

So, here is what we need:
i) Better city planning
ii) Better quality of road work
iii) Quick repair turnaround time
iv) Warnings to use alternate routes in case of repair work ahead

As I kept thinking, there was a nagging thought that this sounds familiar. And then it struck me, I am thinking of project management here. The above could be translated to notions from my world as below:
i) Requirements analysis and capacity planning
ii) High quality of delivery with excellent quality assurance processes in place
iii) High defect closure rate
iv) Risk analysis, monitoring and mitigation.

There it was, in front of my eyes, a solution to the traffic woes - PMP certification mandated for all BBMP employees.

Yes, the previous line was a joke.